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Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak – Pontianak is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan which growing rapidly, it marked by the number of restaurants in the city.

There are a lot of variation restaurant that you can find everywhere. From Traditional Restaurant, Western Restaurant, Middle East Restaurant and many others. You are also able to finding Chinese Restaurant which served Pork.

Before they come –Restaurants in Pontianak—at least there were a few restaurant in Pontianak. A few of them still exist until now. For an example Q’Back, Ayam Kaget, Pondok Pak Lebay, Miami Fried Chicken, LA Fried Chicken.

How do I know about those ? Because I was consumer and I’ve tried before.

Problem is  Restaurants in Pontianak have a common concept. In other words, Restaurants in Pontianak have a trouble of their concept.

But, let me introduce to this one.  The name of Restaurant is Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak which located at Jalan Putri Candramidi Gang Nurcahaya.

Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak

Before discuss further, Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak has a special concept. It’s Bancakan.  What is Bancakan ? Actually, Bancakan is Javanese tradition, it is a symbol of gratitude to the ancestors and God as creator.

Bancakan as an expression of gratittude, the symbol of democracy, egalitarianism, justice, transparency, equality, solidarity, and others.

The Definition of Bancakan is kind of food that we got from our crop / around environment like rice, vegetables, egg, etc. Then cooking these and served it in a big plate “Tampah” sometimes it served on the banana leaves.  Which means Bancakan means Meal Together but in other ways.

Generally, Eating together is a part of Indonesian culture. We can find Robo-robo, Selamatan, Tasyakuran and many others.

Bancakan has Philosophy, it means when meal together begin,  Everyone is considered equal, so there is no difference whether the person is a descendant of the rich or poor. All societies are considered equal status. So there is no disgust when eating.

From this article we know that destination of Bancakan is Social Equality during eat.  The culture of Bancakan also reflects the spirit of mutual cooperation  “Gotong Royong” and harmony in Indonesian society.

Gotong Royong is a culture of Indonesian society that is deeply rooted in the noble value of the Indonesian Nation.

The principle of gotong royong has long been a factor of Indonesian (and Malaysian) life. It is a Javanese term meaning ‘mutual co-operation’ or ‘volunteerism’. It was long a factor of village life when folk would come together to build irrigation ditches, to harvest crops and build communal facilities.

Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak

Basically, Bancakan served with Javanesse food. Such as Fried Chicken, Tempe, Tofu, Urapan, Roasted Chicken and many others. But it’s only in Java land.

How about Yoookk Makan Di Rumah Pontianak ?

Definitely, There are not difference concept between Java and Pontianak. However, the main priority of Pontianak Bancakan is  side Dishes.

In Pontianak, Bancakan served with Ale-ale, Cencalok and various Pontianak “Malay” food.  Price ? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay more than million rupiah to enjoy Bancakan.

Indeed, you only to waste Rupiah 37.000 for 2 person. So it’s  an unique Restaurant in Pontianak

Instagram : @yoookkmakandirumah
Reservasi : 082148091919




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