Enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee in Pontianak

Eis Cafe

Indonesia is a country that consists of a wide variety of indigenous and traditional cultures, including Food, As we know, there are about six thousand more traditional Indonesian cuisine and among so many thousands of these are snack.

Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of diversity culture and tradition Archipelago and occupies an important role in the national culture of Indonesia in general. In addition to Indonesian food is also renowned for drinks.
In Indonesia, we also often find a wide variety of restaurants that sometimes shaped shops, cafes and great restaurants. This time I will not talk about Indonesian food clearly. Because the core of this article are the author would like to introduce a cafe that is quite unique.
Why this café is unique ? because main priority of  this one is Coffee. As we know that Indonesiawas the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world in 2014. Coffee in Indonesia began with its colonial history, and has played an important part in the growth of the country. Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantations, near the equator and with numerous mountainous regions across the islands, creating well suited micro-climates for the growth and production of coffee.
Indonesiaproduced an estimated 540,000 metric tons of coffee since 2014.  Of this total, it is estimated that 154,800 tons was required for domestic consumption in the 2013/2014 financial year. Of the exports, 25% are arabica beans; the balance is robusta.  In general, Indonesia’s arabica coffees have low acidity and strong body, which makes them ideal for blending with higher acidity coffees from Central America and East Africa.
Before we talk about my recommend café let’s me explain a few of Indonesian Coffee.
First let me introduce you to Aceh Gayo

The Gayo highland in Aceh, stretching as long as the back of Mount Barisan on Sumatera island, is one of the top arabica producers in Indonesia. Much to the favour of the fertile volcanic soil, Gayo delivers a distinct and unique coffee quality, the uniqueness that takes coffee enthusiasts to the taste of Ethiopia and Latin America, characterised by the floral notes such as black tea to dried-fruit, though still much in touch with the classic and notable Sumateran Arabica spicy characteristics, consisting the likes of ginger, clove, and lemongrass.

Planted at higher than 1,400 meters above sea level, and upon the crafting of the magnificent hands of the local farmers, Aceh Gayo is undoubtedly one of the best in Indonesia.

Next there is Toraja Coffee, Toraja Coffee from Sulawesi(Celebes) is a multi-dimensional coffee flavorwith a full-bodiedrichness. A good Toraja is well-balanced with undertones of ripe fruit and dark chocolate. Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low-toned yet vibrant acidity, though usually slightly more acidic and with less bodythan Sumatrancoffees and more earthy than Java Arabica.
grown in the southeastern highlands and distinguished by its expansive
Like Sumatran coffees, the cup profile of Toraja has been called deep and brooding, with muted fruit notes and rustic sweetnessand often a pungent spicy quality. A Dark Roast is recommended.

For this one I recommend you to enjoy some café which located at Jalan Sulawesi behind Aneka Pavilion building, The Name of this café is EIS Cafe
EIS itself acronym from Everyday Is Sunday,  it has philosophy we can enjoy everyday with family because Everyday Is Sunday.
Frankly, the location of EIS Café is hard to find, but if we follow a pamphlet mark around Jalan Sulawesi, we can find it, Easily.
Beside various of Coffee, it also available various of Indonesian cuisine such as Soto Kudus, Rawon and Snack. It also provides a Turkish coffee, which is indeed original from Turkey one of the countries in Europe. This coffee is famous for the distinctive aroma of spices.

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