Pontianak Jawi River Festival

Pontianak is a city founded by Sultan Syarief Abdurrahman on 23 October 1771 (14 Rajab 1185 a.h.), when he opened the forest at the confluence of the Landak River, small Kapuas River and big Kapuas River.
Pontianak city is famous for its streams and ditches. Where lies the city itself are at the equator, if widely seen overall then the town of Pontianak itself has a population of 107.82 square kilometers. Beside that, it also have names that are unique to each of their river such Kapuas River, Landak River Jawi River,  Bangkong River.
Not only were It also have unique names for every Ditch such Mayor Ditch, Tokaya Ditch, Jalil Ditch, Haji Husien Ditch and so on.
Before entering the principal problems of the Jawi River Festival , let me to provide a story about the relevance of the existence of the birth day of water first. Because the principal problems that will be delivered by the author later related closely about it.
In ancient times before the existence of the tool ground transportation such as motorcycles and cars increased, people in the city of Pontianak were still using water transportation. The traditional means of transportation became one of the modes of transport which are relied upon in the world including our beloved country called Indonesia.

Pontianak Jawi River Festival
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Water is the heart for the operations of the wheels of the economy in the ancient times, other than that

from the date of December 22, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. World Water Day is celebrated it aims to motivate the public to give its support in water conservation by reducing the use of tap water throughout the day. Joint UN Country members who celebrate this campaign implements the recommendations of the UNITED NATIONS to promote water conservation globally through real action.

The campaign is specifically promoted by one UN agency each year with engaging the public to listen to and understand about water issues as well as coordination with international activities for World Water Day. Since the beginning of the celebration of this event, UN-Water has been responsible for selecting the theme of World Water Day, and to convey the message of global and leading the UN agency to celebrate World Water Day.
Water (H2O) is essential for all living things especially for human life. A diverse range of human activities is always associated with water, such as washing, bathing, and drinking. In the shelter, people also need water.
Water as a solvent mixture of cement and sand so that the building stands firmly. Just imagine, what would happen if the mixture of cement and sand without the presence of water. Without water, cement and sand can not form properly. For human beings, water can never be replaced by other compounds.
The human body is composed of 65% water and approximately 47 litres of water are present in adults. Daily 2.50 a litre of water should be replaced with new water. Estimated from a number of water that must be replaced, the 1.5-liter comes from drinking water and about 1 liter comes from the food that is consumed. With satisfy water needs, then the entire metabolic processes in the human body can take place smoothly.
Conversely, if the water shortage, then the process of metabolism is disrupted, the human body can be dehydrated.
In order to commemorate the world water day which falls on March 22, 2018. Paddle Sports unions Throughout West Kalimantan Indonesia (Podsi) teamed up with Hall River Region of Borneo and Pontianak City Government organized a Festival which called Jawi River Festival
Selected Jawi River cause this area has its own uniqueness and would become the icon of the city of Pontianak in addition the region is about to be made a tour of the water in the city of Pontianak. The festival opened began on 17 March 2018 in the morning and will last until March 18, 2018.
As many as 16 teams Dragon Boat and Kayak team 32 took part in the Championship of the canoe River Festival in Jawi  River in addition there is also a wide range of snacks and traditional cuisine as well as traditional product exhibition. Also jazzed up by the stage that contains music.

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